Diehard Washington Senators fan, Joe Boyd, wishes his beloved Senators could beat those “Damn Yankees” just once and offers to sell his soul to the devil for one long ball hitter. Enter Mr. Applegate who offers to change him into young Joe Hardy, just the player the team has been looking for, but he will have to give up his current life. Joe is transformed and becomes the star of the team, leading them into victory after victory, but he begins to miss the life he once had with his wife, Meg. Mr. Applegate employs bombshell Lola, once the ugliest woman in Providence, Rhode Island, to make Joe forget all about Meg. Lola fails in her mission and eventually, after cheating Applegate out of his soul, Joe returns to his former life with Meg. This show contains such well-known songs as “Whatever Lola Wants,” “You’ve Gotta Have Heart,” and “Two Lost Souls.”

Damn Yankees

Photos courtesy of Dr. Stan Kear